NADCON5-ng  0.0.2
NADCON5 Next Generation Documentation

Tweaks and Updates to US National Geodetic Survey NADCON5 Tool. Used to convert Geodetic Data between various US Datums, including: US Standard Datum (USSD) used prior to NAD27, North American Datum of 1927 (NAD27), and various realizations of the North American Datum of 1983 NAD83

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The intent of this fork is to adapt the existing tool to be accessible to more users, developers, and data scientists.Through the implementation of additional interfaces and workflows on top of existing NADCON5 Code Base.

NOTE: This project is a personal project that is not in any way affiliated with the US Government, NOAA, or the National Geodetic Survey

Derivative Work: Additions and Modifications to this software are released explicitly under Public Domain.

As a product of the United States Government NADCON5 Source Code is considered a work under public domain.

Build the daset with one command


Project Status

This project is new, feature requests and development will be driven through issues filed in github.

At the time of this README was update, the following was true

  1. The existing processing pipeline has been offloaded to GNU Make to eliminate in-source builds
  2. Doxygen was strapped on top of the project to create documentation , source files were modified, superficially, to export documentation in doxygen
  3. Documentation and website live, hosted on github-pages, at url:
  4. Initial Framework for a python glue library, with several functioning submodules and functions
    • install with pip install nc5ng

On the Immediate Roadmap

  1. Remove dependence on proprietary Oracle Fortran f95
    • Requires mapping build options to gfortran and correcting where necessary
    • Biggest issue is compiler specific handling of I/O and certain convenience extensions, not the math
  2. Take over the "batch generator" programs (e.g. makework() , makeplotfiles01 , etc.) so that individual conversions can be done as needed, through Make or otherwise
  3. Create an install target - install existing fortran programs onto system as a distribution
    • Some tweaks to programs to make this doable (path dependencies)
    • Pruning of applications to core install package

What is NADCON5?

NGS NADCON5 Front Page


The Following Information is Reproduced from the NADCON5 Webpage from NGS

What is NADCON 5.0?

NADCON 5.0 performs three-dimensional (latitude, longitude, ellipsoid height) coordinate transformations for a wide range of datums and regions in the National Spatial Reference System. NADCON 5.0 is the replacement for all previous versions of the following tools:

  • NADCON, which transformed coordinates between the North American Datum of 1927 (NAD 27) and early realizations of the North American Datum of 1983 (NAD 83), and
  • GEOCON, which transformed coordinates between various latter realizations of NAD 83.

How do I use NADCON 5.0?

NADCON 5.0 is functionally implemented in NGS’s Coordinate Conversion and Transformation Tool. Unlike earlier versions of NADCON and GEOCON, NADCON 5.0 is not a stand-alone tool.

Visit the NADCON 5.0 Digital Archive to access raw transformation data that make up NADCON 5.0 (e.g., grids, images, software).

How can I learn more about NADCON 5.0?

NOAA Technical Report NOS NGS 63 (PDF, 17 MB) provides detailed information on NADCON 5.0, and the digital archive includes plots and data.

Building NADCON5-ng

Build simply with


Which will build the initial tools and generate conversion output and images for the configured conversion


  1. Generic Mapping Tools **GMT**
    • Tested with 5.2.1
    • Install on Debian Systems with sudo apt-get install gmt gmt-dcw gmt-gshhg
  2. Oracle Fortran (f95) available for free (as in money, but not freedom) in Oracle Developer Studio
  3. GNU Make

Build Options

The configurable options for the build steps are

  1. OLD_DATUM - source datum (default: ussd)
  2. NEW_DATUM - target datum (default: nad27)
  3. REGION - geographical region (default: conus)
  4. GRIDSPACING - Grid Spacing in arc-seconds (default: 900)
  5. MAP_LEVEL - Map Resolution Flag (default: 0)

These can be set as environment variables or directly on the command line

export OLD_DATUM=nad27
export NEW_DATUM=nad83
# Equivalent
OLD_DATUM=ussd NEW_DATUM=nad27 make
# Third Option
make OLD_DATUM=ussd NEW_DATUM=nad27


The Upstream build sequence can be simulated by using the targets doit doit2 doit3 doit4, as in

make doit
make doit2
make doit3
make doit4

This can be useful to compare results from the vanilla NADCON

Additionally, for the intermediate scripts gmtbat0X convenience targets are provided to manually step through the asset compilation

make gmtbat01
make gmtbat02
make gmtbat03
make gmtbat04
make gmtbat05
make gmtbat06
make gmtbat07

Cleaning up is easy

Delete only the current configured build

make clean

Delete all compiled output (deletes build directory)

make mrclean